Moorebank Logistics Precinct

Moorebank Noise Wall
Moorebank Logistics Precinct


 Moorebank, Sydney


BMD Constructions


2021 – 2023

Certus Projects were contracted by BMD to complete the design and construction of a noise wall in the Moorebank Logistics Park. The project is a part of the Moorebank Logistics Precinct, about 32km from Sydney’s CBD.

The purpose of the Moorebank Precinct upgrade is to improve the overall efficiency and safety of the road network in the Moorebank area. This upgrade aims to enhance traffic flow, reduce congestion, and provide better connectivity for residents and businesses.

It also seeks to support the development and growth of the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal, ensuring seamless access for freight transport and improving the overall transportation infrastructure in the region.

Key Features of the Project Include:

  • 5m by 140m noise wall construction.
  • Ground works varied in levels substantially adding complexities to construction.
  • Materials such as galvanised steel and precast concrete panels, fabricated offsite and then installed to ensure efficiency in delivery.

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