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  • TAO Technically Assured Organisation for Transport for NSW
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems 2016
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems 2016
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Work, Health and Safety Management 2001

Safety Qualifications

  • NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines Edition 5
  • Australian Government Building & Construction WHS


For over 20 years, our Directors at Certus Projects have been apart of delivering complex government infrastructure projects up to $4bn across Australia. These projects include Road and Rail, Bridges, Light Rail, Community and Public Space, Tunnels, Dams & sensitive Heritage works.

Historically, they have played a pivotal role in managing and delivering iconic projects such as Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Light Rail. In addition to these projects, they have delivered construction on the North West Rail Link, Regional Rail Link in Melbourne and Airport Link in Brisbane.

Our core team of experienced Engineers and Project Managers are experts in project planning and delivery. The success in our endeavours is relied upon diligent planning and ensuring our stakeholders are active participants in the projects lifecycle. Therefore creating continued communication and mutual goals to achieve best project outcomes.

We are well verse in all forms of procurement to uphold factors including environmental sustainability, quality and performance, expectations and opportunities for local employment growth.

Our savvy management systems aligned with our dynamic teams are capable of delivering projects safely and effectively.

Certus Projects is committed to delivering high standard infrastructure and improving communities through sustainability, innovation and quality works.

Work, Health & Safety

Certus Projects implements a tailored WH&S management system and plans for every project. Our plans describe overall safety methodology and processes to ensure Certus Projects and our service providers are safe and effective. Our work health and safety commitment are to:​

Achieve a no harm and accident free workplace for employees and the general public during construction work.

Develop a proactive approach ensuring all potential accidents and incidents are controlled and prevented.

Consult with and involve workers on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing.

Supervise workers to ensure work activities are performed safely and conduct toolbox talks where required.

Provide effective injury rehabilitation management for all injured employees.

We continually improve, review & maintain quality objectives


Certus Projects is committed to operating business practices in adherence to legal and statutory requirements for local, state and government specifications. We use certified quality management systems to complete all projects by deadlines set and to a high standard expected by the client.

Certus Projects also continually improve, review and maintain quality objectives to meet or exceed the requirements of IS045001 and document and record all quality assurance and quality control measures that pertain to each subcontractor.  

Our Quality and Project Teams conducts inspections and verification on-site to ensure project delivery aligns with the requirements of our management plans, relevant legislation, and clients.


Certus Projects has a certified environmental management system, providing certainty that all activities are carried out in an environmentally sound way. Certus Projects brings significant environmental experience, knowledge and construction know-how. Our team is proactive, practical, engaging and responsive, ensuring:​

Industrial Relations

Certus Projects confirms our company industrial relations strategy is aligned with State and Federal legislation and is under periodic review by third-party certification bodies and industry groups. Certus Projects is an active member of The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group-Member No. 1010040), receiving ongoing consultancy on industrial relations matters to ensure our firm is at the forefront of industrial relations issues and compliance.

Our industrial relations strategy ensures freedom of association and the right for individuals to choose if they wish to be engaged in a union and/or lawful industrial activity.

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