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About Us

Certus (Latin) meaning
undoubted, certain, sure, resolved

Certus Projects is an engineering firm based in Sydney, Australia. The origin of our name, CERTUS means Certain in Latin. We believe in delivering infrastructure projects with reliability, certainty and professionalism. We are excited to be a part of complex projects. In fact, we thrive on the technical stuff! Give us a challenge and we will look for solutions to deliver it safely and efficiently. We also ensure our clients and stakeholders are active participants in the project lifecycle and are kept informed along the construction journey.

Our services include Design and Construction, Project Management, Construction Management, OH&S, Environmental Management and Quality control.

Safety is important to us, it is our number one principle to ensure our people and communities are kept safe. Our adept management systems aligned with our dynamic teams, are capable of delivering projects effectively.

Our leadership team have been a part of some significant major projects across Australia. With their expertise and knowledge, we are able to approach each project with competency and confidence.

Additionally, we incorporate a culture of continuous learning and adaptability at Certus Projects. Our people are encouraged to always act with care and inclusion for their colleagues and to strive for excellence both professionally and personally.

Our People

The philosophy of our success and the success of our projects is based on the value of our people. Our people are talented and capable individuals from diverse backgrounds. We foster a culture of continuous learning and leadership where staff take ownership of their decisions and are recognised for their professional contribution to the organisation.

We all have a common vision:

We implement career development programs tailored towards our peoples’ individual needs. Our people are valued in all aspects of their lives including both in professional and personal aspirations.

Our Values

Our company culture integrates empathy to build trust and relationships with people. Our people are involved in the decision-making processes throughout the project lifecycle. We foster a culture of EXCELLENCE, INCLUSION and COLLABORATION. Every day we build upon and live this culture through our core values. 


For over 20 years, our Directors at Certus Projects have been apart of delivering complex government infrastructure projects up to $4bn across Australia. These projects include Road and Rail, Bridges, Light Rail, Community and Public Space, Tunnels, Dams & sensitive Heritage works.

Historically, they have played a pivotal role in managing and delivering iconic projects such as Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Light Rail. In addition to these projects, they have delivered construction on the North West Rail Link, Regional Rail Link in Melbourne and Airport Link in Brisbane.

Our core team of experienced Engineers and Project Managers are experts in project planning and delivery. The success in our endeavours is relied upon diligent planning and ensuring our stakeholders are active participants in the projects lifecycle. Therefore creating continued communication and mutual goals to achieve best project outcomes.

We are well verse in all forms of procurement to uphold factors including environmental sustainability, quality and performance, expectations and opportunities for local employment growth.

Our savvy management systems aligned with our dynamic teams are capable of delivering projects safely and effectively.

Certus Projects is committed to delivering high standard infrastructure and improving communities through sustainability, innovation and quality works.


  • TAO Technically Assured Organisation for Transport for NSW
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems 2016
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems 2016
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Work, Health and Safety Management 2001

Safety Qualifications

  • NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines Edition 5
  • Australian Government Building & Construction WHS

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